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Rowe's Wharf Elevator Doors
100 Elevator Units-design 18.25' x 72.5"

Boston Harbor Hotel [Rowe's Wharf]  

Design precisely matches original motif of hotel.  
Use of AutoCAD stencils applied on-site saved client thousands of dollars. 
        Ten years ago, New Horizons designed and applied the pattern on this page to 100 tenant and guest floor elevator door openings.  The objective was to match the existing etched brass graphic on the ground floor elevators in a cost-effective and attractive manner. 
        Today, renovations to some of these floors and a window replacement ornamented with gold leaf, were recently completed.  New vendors easily installed this same motif using the masks we fabricated for their projects.

width consistent for all motifs at 3.25 
width remains consistent for all applications @ 3.25" 
Window replacement 
Window Replacement Graphic-95.75" x 28.75"

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