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Our "Ice Fire" line of interior products is a durable, one-coat, water based finish. When applied, it creates a translucent iridescent luster.

It shifts from its primary color to a secondary color or completelydisappears. It depends upon the direction of light reflecting to thesurface and the location of the viewer.


Office Environments, Boston

Ice Fire is available in a variety of colors and sheens, including an opaque pearlescent line. It can be used over any non-glossy painted surface and adds a beautiful and subtle dimension to any color including multi-colored surfacing products. For an artistic effect we employ texturing tools but it is equally unique with a commercial spray application. It is very durable, has excellent adhesion, a quick drying time, and cleans up with water.

A Few of Our Ice Fire Projects

  • Fenway Community Health Center, Boston
  • Fo Fum Restaurant, NJ
  • The John Hancock Tower Concourse, Boston
  • Office Environments, Boston
  • Todays Restaurant, San Francisco
  • The World Trade Center Observation Deck, NYC

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